Corporate Social Responsability ISO 26000

The company Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Beyond our Quality Health & Safety policy, the company laid the first stones of a committed CSR policy since 2007. Fist signatory of our profession of the Diversity Charter, we have built over time all these Social Responsibility components we evaluated ourselves for since 2012 and were declared compliant with the CSR approach in 2015 (many CSR actions are detailed on the Website).

CSR at Guichon Valves

It’s the will to integrate environmental and social considerations into our strategy and be in a position to address the impacts of our activities and decisions on our stakeholders (social and natural environment).


Why bother with CSR?

At Guichon Valves, we consider CSR to be a tool for achieving excellence. It improves our relationship with all parties associated with the company, winning their loyalty as well as allows us to be pioneers in this domaine. It is a driver of competitiveness (eg: ecological design, saving energy, increased well being of employees…).

What are we doing?

Health and Productivity Collaborating with the world of Education
Inventory of current state at Guichon Valves in 2013 Participative management
Stakeholder Survey: “Customer Satisfaction Translating our values into visible behaviours
Eco-Design Improvement of workstations
ISO 14001- Waste sorting Diversity Charter

Our Conviction

Our approach since 2012, based on the ISO 26000 standard, has allowed us to take new elements into consideration for our strategy. The quality of life at work for our collaborators and our impact on our environment are questions in which our society has been involved in an exemplary manner. We have taken into consideration problems such as health, safety, risk management, eco-design, resource economy, optimisation of our processes respecting the environment, putting in place a plane of travel……. allowing us to thereby considerably improve our performance.

This new initiative differentiates us from our competitors by taking into consideration the whole of our stakeholders and incorporates them into our new vision of how our company operates.

We are convinced that these projects enable the company to optimise productivity as well as develop a state of well being within the company