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Produce in France to sell in China

While some companies outsource their production, Guichon has chosen to produce in France. Besides the quality French manufacture bias, this strategy allows an exceptional responsiveness by combining the choice of manufacturing methods and production prioritization through our « fast track » service. We are confident in this strategy as we go on investing in industrial tools and means on our site of Chambéry.

“GUICHON VALVES has set up the industrial means to guarantee its autonomy in production with 5 and 3-axis CNC machining centres, lathes, boring and milling machines, saws and machining drills, for manufacturing single pieces or small series in small and large dimensions.

Our skilled welders (ASME, EN) dispose of TIG and MIG stations, a vacuum tank for welding Titanium, Tantalum and Zirconium as well as equipment for dye penetration testing

We also have a metrology lab equipped with a three-dimensional measurement column.  All measuring equipment has a calibration history sheet and is also electronically traced.

All finished products are tested in our workshop with the possibility to conduct positive material identification (PMI) testing, thus assuring full traceability.  Testing can be performed following hydrostatic, pneumatic or helium methods and are complete with a test certificate.

Part marking is automated and carried out with the help of engraving equipment, according to either customer specifications or standards internal to GUICHON VALVES. “

Elodie NOBLE

Industrial and logistic director