The jacket option at lower risk

1. The context
One challenge in the field of chemistry, petrochemical or polymers is maintaining the fluid produced in the industrial lines at a specific temperature so that its properties can be conserved throughout the manufacturing process.

The valves are therefore subject to the same constraints : having a heating or cooling jacket that ensures the required temperature.

2. The operation

The jacket is supplied with a heat transfer fluid that can be either gaseous (steam) or liquid (oil such as Therminol 66 for example, which has a powerful capacity to produce heat). The supply of the heat transfer fluid can be done in several ways: via an injection port, directly to the flange, through welded ends, by a three piece connection, etc.

3. The Guichon know-how

Responding to customer-specific needs by custom made fabrication :

  • Possibility of separate heating or cooling compartments on a same valve so that sections can be individually controlled = gain of operation
  • Possibility of limiting the number of connections (piping, space and cost constraints) to heating jacket through guiding the fluid by a system of internal walls = easy installation
  • Possibility to retro-fit existing valves with heating jacket = saving time and money
  • Possibility to jacket the flange = better productivity
  • Good management of volume and flow in the jacket thanks to 90 years of valve manufacturing experience : more than 7,000 jacketed valves designed and manufactured.

Provide a quality product in its design and manufacturing with a vigilance point welding : welding a jacket is a delicate operation that we harness perfectly = better tightness, maintenance and improved cost !