Straight pattern globe valve


Straight pattern globe valve 506

Our straight pattern globe valve :

For any liquid, powder or gas.
Well suited for high pressure.
Optional bellows for dangerous medium.

Short overall dimension

DN 8 to DN 200
1/4" à 8"
PN 10 to PN 250
150 to 1500 lbs

Type: 506

Functions – Straight pattern globe valve

♦ shut off or control valve ; in line

Construction – Straight pattern globe valve

  • Construction materials: Carbon Steel (CS), Stainless Steel (SS), Duplex & Super Duplex, Inconel & Incoloy®, Titanium, Zirconium, Uranus® B6, Tantalum, Nickel, Hastelloy®, Monel
  • Construction methods: Fabricated (Welded), Cast, Solid

Uses – Straight pattern globe valve

  • Service conditions: High pressure, High temperature, Low temperature, Abrasion, Corrosion, High viscosity, Vacuum, Dead space free
  • Types of fluids: Liquids, Liquids with solid particles – Slurry, Gas, Powder and powdery media, High viscosity fluids
  • Applications: Fine chemicals, Plastics and polymers, General chemicals, Petrochemicals, Nuclear and Naval / Submarine, Cryogenic service

Features & Options

Straight pattern globe valve 506

DN 8 to DN 200
1/4" à 8"
PN 10 to PN 250
150 to 1500 lbs


♦ metal-to-metal or PTFE/metal disc/seat tightness
♦ position indicator
♦ bolted stuffing-box, live loaded with spring washers
♦ solid connection flanges
♦ in compliance with PED 97/23/EC


Handwheel,double acting pneumatic actuator,single acting pneumatic actuator (limited by size/pressure class and/or stroke),hydraulic actuator,electric motor,air motor

Closing device


Options – Straight pattern globe valve

– adaptation to any type of connection
– hard faced seating surfaces
– disc o’ring
– removable seat
– vacuum tightness
– bellows sealed stem
– additional draining and/or cleaning nozzles
– heating jacket
– firesafe design
– FDA grade gaskets and packing rings
– leak detector at stuffing box
– stroke limit or proximity switches
– dry air pneumatic actuator
– manual override for pneumatic actuator
– stainless steel pneumatic actuator
– closed actuator locking (safety)
– manual operator with locking mechanism
– chain handwheel
– extended manual operator, optionally with cardans
– manual operator mounted on ISO base for later motor adaptation
– electric actuator with local / remote controls
– body by-pass system according to DN/Class
CAUTION : some options are not compatible