Special process valve for high performance PPS polymer

Guichon has been challenged with the design and manufacturing of a diverter valve for a new large scale production PPS plant, meeting 5 majors contraints :
1- Huge dimensions:  Inlet/Outlet sizes 22’’ x 20’’ x20’’ 3 tons estimated mass
2- Highly corrosive medium: 70% iodine Vapor, 30% other
3- Under vacuum medium (P Inlet= 0.93 Torr P Outlet=0.73)
4-  <0.20 Torr Delta P has to be absolutely respected
5- High number of open/close cycles = 3505 per year

The solution developped by Guichon ? A Hastelloy jacketed 3-way disc type diverter valve, cast central body, metal seated, electric actuator.

A great success = Guichon’s expertise + high performance design tools + Guichon’s industrial know-how + team work !
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Constraint :
Guichon’s solution :
Huge dimensions Our engineered team conducted a special calculation of body walls thickness to avoid deformations
Corrosion A complete hastelloy valve (body disc + jacket)
Constraint of vacuum For the In-line tightness : a special metal/metal seating surface
For the Process/Atmosphere Tightness : welded lips between central body and stuffing-box + vacuum sealing cover
Pressure drop < 0.20 Torr Thank to our high-performance computer tools, our engineering department made a flow simulation to verify that the pressure drop was not higher than 0.2 torr between inlet & outlet when the valve is fully opened. It has allowed Guichon to design an optimized disc shape in accordance with the customer requirements (0.13 Torr finally!)

High number of cycles The choice of a specific electric actuator (no overheating), mechanical calculations  by finite elements analysis and fatigue calculation to design the different parts adapted to this constraint