Guichon manufactures valves specially adapted to PTA production :

Piston valve, Tank bottom valve, Injection valve

Piston valve
Type : 655M

DN 1/2" to 12" Class
– Cast construction
– Stainless steel, nickel alloys, special alloys (Titanium, Zirconium..)
Piston valve
DN 1/2" to 12" Class 150 to 1500 Lbs
– Cast construction
– Stainless steel, duplex steel, nickel alloys and special alloys (Titanium, Zirconium,…)

Tank bottom valve
DN 1" x 8" Class 300 Lbs

– Titanium (Ti)


  • Construction materials: Carbon Steel (CS), Stainless Steel (SS), Duplex & Super Duplex, Titanium, Zirconium, Uranus® B6, Tantalum, Nickel, Hastelloy®, Monel
  • Construction methods: Fabricated (Welded), Cast, Solid


  • Service conditions: High pressure, High temperature, Low temperature, Abrasion, Corrosion, High viscosity, Vacuum, Reliability, Low acoustic signature, Dead space free
  • Types of fluids: Liquids, Liquids with solid particles, Gas, Powder and powdery media, High viscosity fluids

FAQ - PTA (Terephthalic acid)

PTA (Terephthalic acid) – Uses of PTA

– Polyester fibers based on PTA both alone and in blends with natural and other synthetic fibers.
– Polyester films based on PTA are used in audio and video recording tapes, data storage tapes, photographic films, labels and other sheet material.
– Raw material for production of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is the main PTA derivative.
– Pharmaceutical industry : raw material for drugs.
– Raw material for production of polyesters used in fabrication of powder and water-soluble coatings.

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PTA (Terephthalic acid) – Manufacturing process of PTA

Modern technologies produce purified terephthalic acid by the catalytic liquid phase oxidation of paraxylene in acetic acid, in the presence of air. The process uses manganese or cobalt acetate as a catalyst. The reaction is exothermic, producing water which is removed in a solvent recovery system. Acetic acid from this is returned to the reactor together with the oxidation catalyst. The resulting PTA is purified in a crystalliser where the unreacted xylene and water are flashed off.

It exists several process licensed by : BP (Amoco), Advansa (ICI), Dow (Inca), Mitsubishi, Eastman and Mitsui. The figure below presents the simplified process of Hitachi :

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PTA (Terephthalic acid) – Recommanded valve :

Guichon Valves offers valves for PTA application designed to minimize dead zones to avoid the storage of the PTA. The materials used with this type of acid are high value and are part of the knowledge Guichon Valves manufacturing processes, concentration levels of various oxydizing, mechanical strength, etc …

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