Positive innovation Day: Montreal

In spring 2017, Guichon Valves was involved in the CARE program (positive psychology intervention), in partnership with the MNEI (Nature and Environment House of Isère) and the Laboratory of psychology of Grenoble university. Following this 8 weeks program, Guichon has been able last June to take part in the Positive Psychology Francophone Day.

The company representatives (members of the human development department) presented to a jury composed of 6 psychology specialists, the implementation of the CARE program at Guichon, method, achieved results and conclusion of the study.

Judges awarded ratings for presentation quality, topic relevance and achieved results. Guichon won the 2nd prize, an invitation to the Positive Psychology World Congress in Montreal (IPPA 2017).

ippa 2017 montreal guichon valves

Baptiste, working as a human development & environment engineer and responsible for the CARE program within the company therefore went to Montreal last July, where he has been able to present the work relating to this program.

Benefits for the company?

  • A better management of the psychosocial risks thanks to our actions on well-being within the company
  • Many environmental projects are going to emerge in the company through employees’ commitment
  • Guichon registered its name to a scientific research program (related to environment and well-being at work), powerful marker of our CSR commitment.

This project has emerged as a pioneer and will be developped in other companies (Fiskars Group – Leborgne (Blacksmiths), A. Cros (Compressed Air Solutions), Grenoble School of Management)

IPPA 2017 figures:

  •  38 countries represented
  • 1500 participants
  • More than 200 conferences


A second group of 12 persons started the CARE program in September, a third one is on a waiting list and should participate next spring.