Paste backfill processing

Guichon provides valves specially adapted to mining operation backfilling :

Globe valve, Gate Valve, Multiways valve, Tank bottom valve, Piston valve

Piston valve / Emergency Dump Valve
Type : 605N

From DN 80 to DN 250 – PN 20 to PN250
– Fabricated (welded)
– Carbon steel, Stainless steel
– Crust breaking action
– Pneumatic, electric actuator
emergency paste dump valve mining guichon valve
Piston Diverter valve
Type : 604N

From DN 80 to DN 250 – PN 20 to PN250
– Cast, Fabricated (welded)
– Carbon steel, Stainless steel
– Handwheel, electric actuator
– Tri clamp ends
Piston valve/ Flush water valve DN 25 flanged
Type : 605N

DN 25
– Cast construction
– Cast, Fabricated (welded)
– Carbon steel, Stainless steel
– 2xflush / cleaning injection valves nozzles connected to Diverter valve
– T-piece (spool piece)
– Handwheel, electric actuator
– Flush & Dissolve residual paste into the valve body
underground mining valve guichon valve


  • Construction materials: Carbon Steel (CS), Stainless Steel (SS), Duplex & Super Duplex, Titanium, Zirconium, Uranus® B6, Tantalum, Nickel, Hastelloy®, Monel
  • Construction methods: Fabricated (Welded), Cast, Solid


  • Service conditions: High pressure, Abrasion, Corrosion, Reliability, Dead space free
  • Types of fluids: Liquids, Liquids with solid particles, Powder and powdery media, High viscosity fluids

More information :

Mining operation consists of extracting the underground backfill to be sent to the surface, leaving some empty spaces/chambers, which must be filled. To that end, an underground piping connected to a cement plant to the surface supplies the cavities with cement to plug the wall or completely fill empty spaces and avoid collapse. This operation is performed through a pump gravity system. One of the major concerns for the mine operators is to ensure the proper distribution of this cemented paste all along the underground piping. The piping cleaning is essential to avoid cement clogging and erosion. It is performed with high pressure water., The extreme operating conditions of this process (plug/viscous, abrasive fluid and high pressure (gravity) require some robust, adapted and custom-made equipment (valves and pipes). Guichon valves designs and manufactures special valves meeting mining operations issues, such as tank bottom valves, piston valves, multiway, filling and safety valves, rinsing valves.

Guichon valves installed in underground mines

slurry isolation valve mineral processing guichon valves