QUALINAT qualification confirmed by EDF

picture qualification EDF qualinat 2014In September this year, EDF extended its confidence in Guichon and confirmed our EDF UTO qualification in “Matériels de robinetterie – Etudes et Fabrication – Pièces de rechange – Réparation en usine”(Valve materials – Design and Manufacturing – Spare parts – Repairs).

The previous qualification already allowed for the supply of classic materials and RCCM; today Guichon has improved its level of quality from QC MSRQ (equipment without required qualification) to Q2 MQCN (equipment qualified under normal conditions).

At the end of the audit, EDF’s Operational Technical Unit particularly appreciated:

  • The demonstration of our mastery of RCCM thanks to technical references supplied for the civil and military nuclear, allowing thus the extension of our qualification to Q2, Q3 valves.
  • The sustainable transformation approach of our organisation based on an integration of LEAN principles complemented by visual management techniques.
  • The deployment, and putting in place of continuous improvement projects
  • Our customer focus by taking into account their remarks

The list of qualified material making up part of Qualinat scope is as follows:

– Non-return Check valves, swing type, disc type, ball type and lift type
– Linear control or needle type globe valves
– Ball and Plug valves
– Gate valves: wedge gate, simple parallel seated,
parallel seated double block and bleed