New valves solutions for mining application


Some valves installed in a gold mine are defective, the operator is looking for a reliable manufacturer to replace them.

The requirement is for diverter valves for underground installation to convey the cemented paste backfill into the “empty” areas created by the extraction of ore.

mining scheme

Guichon valves installed in underground mining


A second issue was to supply the first valve within a short time to confirm the correct functioning of this equipment in special operating conditions, test it and confirm the design.


Backfilling operation is a major concern for mine operators, who must ensure the proper distribution of this cemented paste all along the underground piping. It is performed through a pump – gravity system.

The material used to backfill underground cavities is produced from steriles (rock waste which does not contain the required ore) by cement plants at the surface. This cemented backfill is sticky and abrasive, submitted to high pressure, which requires robust, adapted and custom-made equipment (valves and pipes).

The function of the relevant valves is specifically to redirect the fluid flow (cement) from a track to another.

The fluid consists of 95% of solid particles (mainly stones).

The valve shall meet some viscosity, high pressure (due to gravity) and abrasion constraints.



A multiway diverter valve with a new, specifically adapted to mines paste backfill process design.

Type 604N :

diverter-valve-guichon-3d Main features

  • Fabricated construction
  • ND 6’ – Class 1500
  • Electric actuator
  • Body material: A105 carbon steel
  • Tri clamp ends
  • Piston hard faced by tungsten carbide deposit
diverter-valve-guichon Benefits

  • New technology developed for underground mining applications
  • Cemented paste backfill application
  • Robust and durable valves over time
  • Switching/diverter function
  • Rinsing valves can be added on main body
  • CRN certification for Canada
Guichon has developed a range of custom-made valves solutions for mining applications; DN 3’’ to DN10’’ – Class 150 to 1,500:

  • Paste backfill dump
  • Cement slurry dump
  • Diverter/switch valve
  • Tank bottom valves
  • Injection and cleaning valves
  • Process sampling valves