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Mining activities and more specifically underground operations deal with technical, safety and costs constraints throughout production steps which limit equipments. In terms of technique, Guichon Valves has developed some reliable custom-made valve solutions to meet the stingent operating conditions of mineral deposit extraction, such as high pressure for backfill operations or abrasion, corrosion, high viscosity fluids like mining backfills. Guichon supplies some feed and drain valves, slurry isolation valves (on-off valves), feeding and injection valves, designed in cooperation with some mine operators to provide effective solutions.

Guichon’s valves are used for the following operations:

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Mining involves extracting ore from a deposit and treating it to obtain a valuable mineral product for the company, such as metals.
In the case of underground mining applications, steps are the following:
– Rock extraction by cutting
– Ore transportation
– Treatment of impure ore to obtain minerals
– Backfilling of the chambers
Once extraction is completed, the ore is sent to the processing plant to be crushed and reduced to a fine powder. Then, useful minerals are extracted from the waste rock through various processes. The ore thus treated is called “concentrate”. This concentrate is subsequently refined to increase its purity in an on-site or off-site processing plant. Only a part of all the extracted ore contains the desired minerals. The sterile part (or waste rock) is used to fill-in the mined or excavated areas of the site.