A sizeable investment

Alesa-Monti has just joined Guichon Valves! Not as a new employee, but a state-of-the-art boring machine with increased production capacity! production facilities guichon valves custom made valves This new, numeric boring machine adds to Guichon’s already performant production facility consisting of digital machining centres, numerical and manual lathes and milling and drilling machines.

new boring machine guichon valves machining new boring machine - guichon valves

This high-precision, numeric boring machine has been up and running since March. It is equipped with a robotised loading arm allowing:

  • Quicker movements
  • Quicker execution as a result of speedier tool changes
  • Better repeatability of operations with the same precision
  • Capacity to perform dimensional checking of parts on the table during machining

This new investment is going to allow us to machine larger parts, more quickly and with higher quality, in-house. The energy, petrochemical, and polymer sectors are particularly concerned.

Concretely, for the customer, this translates into improvements in deliveries, costs and quality, on a consistent basis.

This new machine will allow Guichon to strengthen its position as a world leader in design and manufacture of custom-made, process valves.