“Industrial valves fundamentals” training

Yesterday, a training day dedicated to the basis of industrial valves took place at Guichon.
Five industry professionals coming from France but also from Belgium and Algeria were present for this first on line/open registration international edition.

training day workshop guichon

The program: a theoretical part, from industrial valves’ terminology to the different kinds of tightness, going through the different types of valves, then a practical part for valve “assembly/disassembly”.

training day at guichon

The participants were delighted with their training day, testimonies:

“Thank you for this great day and for your welcome. Your interveners are pedagogue and competent and your supports are excellent. Projections and files. For my part, the main goal was reached, that is to say the different types of valves’ definition and composition.” Didier C.

“First of all, I want to thank you for welcoming us in your premises. This training brought me the answers I was waiting for when I subscribed. The quality of the speakers allowed to cover the topic clearly in one day during which, we have been able to study the technical and regulatory side of the valves without getting into huge details. It makes this training accessible to a wide audience. The practical part in the workshop for valves’ assembly/disassembly was a plus. Cyrille D.

 New sessions are planned next year, however you can also consult the training programs and ask for a quotation as of now on our web site:


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