Guichon Valves sponsorises a crew for the “Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles” 2017

Guichon Valves is proud to sponsors “ZicoRallye”, the Pascale Vivion and Celine Bruselle’s team who will run the next “Rallye des Gazelles” in Morocco in march 2017.

Medico-psychological help for Pascale and educator for Céline, those 2 mums of 2 and 3 children commit themselves in a human adventure that couldn’t leave us insensitive.

They will participate to achieve a personnal challenge but mostly to represent Zicomatic, a Savoyard association which help people with disabilities through music.

While participating they will also help the “Coeur de Gazelle” association which provides Moroccan desert populations with medical care, school materials, etc.

For the occasion, a collect of toys and games has been organized here at Guichon, to provide our team enough to help desert children. The surplus of toys will be distributed to the institutions for disabled children in Chambéry’s area.

A project that fits fully into our CSR approach and which is very important to us!

zicorallye picture sponsorised by guichon valves

You could follow them during their preparation and their adventure on our Facebook page, where we will give you regular news !