Guichon Valves is not afraid of vacuum conditions !

In the case of critical applications involving severe service conditions such as Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Polymers, … using a vacuum tight valve can provide additional security and prevent any risk of leakage.

Guichon Valves proposes technical solutions to maintain a high quality of tightness between the fluid and the atmosphere. A simple solution is to install an injection valve on the lanterne piece (figure 1). This solution can be applied in different ways more or less developed (fig. 2 and 3).

The basic idea is to double the packings and position an injection port of gas (usually air) on the intermediate of the second set of packing rings which pressure is measured by a manometer.
If leakage occurs at the seals, the gas injected into the lantern by the injection nozzle will leak into the fluid, creating a pressure difference, that can be detected on the pressure gauge.

vacuum-hood-buse-injection fig.1

Full vacuum hood tightness – fig 1.



3D vacuum hood tightness – fig 2.

design-vacuum-hood-fig 3. legende vacuum hood 3 fig
vacuum hood tightness – fig 3.