Guichon Valves : integrated solutions for PVC manufacturing


The PVC worldwide demand is still increasing strongly. It can be used in many applications! PVC is today present in most of the packaging, helmets, coatings, floor coverings…etc.
The world competition is stiff and manufacturers are always looking for technical solutions to lower their costs and increase reliability of the processes.

PVC is produced by VCM polymerization (Vinyl Chloride Monomer – monomer de chlorure de vinyle).
Nowadays, 80% of the PVC production is obtained through a suspension polymerization process, which is today the most widespread due to its reliability and performance. It is also the most technically constraining process.

Technical constraints :

steam cracker guichon valves reactor schemeThe main equipment of a suspension polymerization process is the reactor.

Raw material is introduced into the reactor under powder form with some additives chosen according to the final use (lubricants, stabilizers, loads…etc.)

Once polymerization is completely over, the polymer is drained from the reactor by the bottom of the tank, to reach treatment units downstream.

Main constraints:

  • Important cycling of the equipment
  • Abrasive, sticky and viscous fluids
  • Important pressures

The solution proposed by Guichon Valves :

Guichon offers an integrated custom-made valve solution to increase the process performance.

reactor 2 guichon valves pvcInjection and Spray rinsing valves 1, 2, 3 & 4 :

  • Metal/metal tightness, no O-ring seal (no wear part) thus fire safe construction.
  • Interchangeable injection and spraying head for a perfect adaptation to the operating conditions (jets dispersion, flow…).
  • No risk of spray nozzles clogging as spraying is continuous until the end of the closing phase.
  • Shorter production cycle: no reactor opening for cleaning (NEP), no risk of harmful gaseous emissions.

Draining Valve 5 :

  • Double tightness (metal + lining) to ensure a minimum leakage rate and a fire safe construction.
  • Lining decompression system to avoid scratching the internal parts during the stroke (low actuation torque!).
  • No clogging risk: bodies designed without dead zone.
  • Easy and prompt maintenance. Reduction of downtimes during maintenance.

Legend :
1- Feeding valve

2- Dome rinsing valve
3- Walls and bottom cleaning valve
4- Killer injection valve
5- Bottom outlet / Drain valve

guichon special process valves for PVC