Guichon’s long term relationship with DCNS

DCNS & Guichon have been working together for more than 30 years

DCNS submarine Guichon Valves

In the early stages, Guichon was selected for its industrial know-how and ability to insure the full traceability of its valve products. The first valves to be delivered were air service valves for “SNLE” submarines, and soon after, for the “Scorpene” type conventional defense submarines.

Double gate valve in Barracuda submarine

Valve for submarine guichon valves manufacturerDue to the expertise of Guichon’s engineering and design department and their customer’s satisfaction, Guichon was called upon to bring new ideas and conception type valve solutions for more critical applications:

  • In 2003 Guichon had developed, jointly with DCNS, a critical service double gate valve to isolate the condensers from the turbine.

These valves continue to be specified and used for this service and soon, will be fitted to the new “Barracuda” nuclear defense submarine to be launch next year. It will allow the ship to safely operate return to its base, even with the failure of one condenser.

Piloted safety valves in the Frigate (FREMM)

Piloted safety valve guichon valves submarine defenseGuichon’s Quality System applied to the products and the documentation has been successfully audited by the QS teams of Cherbourg, Brest and Indret.

  • From 2000 onwards, Guichon has extended its scope to other ships such as the Frigate (FREMM) and Aircraft Carrier (Charles de Gaulle) with valves and piloted safety release valves. Thanks to its knowledge and experience of the RCCM construction code for nuclear power industry, Guichon is able to supply valves for the nuclear section of the SNLE and SNA.

Guichon’s design department involved in new challenges

Impact strength calculation guichon valves design departmentWhen DCNS joined the Thales group in 2007, one of its main challenges was to improve the ratio of operational conditions per year for each ship, and improve its competitiveness through cost reduction measures.

Guichon’s design department accepted this challenge and then installed the latest engineering and design software (PTC CREO®, Peo-Mechanica®, Cosmos Design Star, FloEFD, Craddle SC/Tetra V12) to help meet the final goal. The software allowed Guichon’s engineers to perform detailed stress and flow simulations and studies used to optimize their valve designs and ultimately cut cost and improve product performance and reliability.

The final goal was to supply reliable equipment, able to space-out the heavy maintenance requirement (“IPER”) from 7 years to 10 years. During the process, Guichon met weekly with DCNS to discuss progress being made, exchange ideas, review problem areas, and work together as a true partner with their customer in order to reach the final goal.

As far as maintenance is concerned, Guichon was also summoned in Karachi in 2007 to maintain cryogenic gate valves on the Augusta submarine.

This ability to answer the needs of DCNS abroad has found a new dimension in 2015 when Guichon joined the Valco group. With its many subsidiaries in Asia, Australia, Middle East and Africa, our possibilities to bring local support have been tremendously increased.
In Australia, Guichon is currently finalizing its plans to fulfil the DCNS & Commonwealth local content requirements for the project SEA1000 through its sister company Valco Group Australia Pty Ltd, established since 2015.

valco guichon valves submarine partnership