Guaranteed tightness in a sodium line for a Titanium application

Case study

1. Context

Among different technological developments enabling the extraction of Titanium, the process called “IT Armstrong Process” is a method for obtaining Titanium powder consisting in circulating TiCl4 vapours inside a reactor containing a sodium bath.

This process interested Guichon since we were called upon to resolve a problem linked to the particularity of fluid Sodium involved in the following chemical reaction :

guichon globe valve in a titanium process

Figure  : A continuous process for the reduction of titanium(IV) chloride

2. Constraints

Sodium (Na) used in liquid form is a very reactive element that ignites in air, thus no leaks are permitted on any of the piping elements, of which ON/OFF and control valves are a part of.  

A detailed study and a special design have been necessary to respond to both the particular operating conditions (5.2 bar pour 455°C – fluide Sodium) and the customer requirement to have a dismountable seat on the globe valves.

flow simulation valve guichon3. Solutions

In-line Globe Valve DN4’x4’ – PN 50
Pneumatic actuator – Dismountable seat
Sodium Application – high temperature – molten metal


globe valve with bellows and lip seal weld joints guichon globe valve for sodium line
  • Valve of welded construction with bellows and lip seal weld joints > prevention of leaks (Complex manufacturing due to risk of deformation during welding operations)
  • Dismountable seat design on a globe valveassembling tool removable seat guichon
  • Creation and fabrication of a special tool to facilitate maintenance of dismountable seat : flèche



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