Focus application: Vinyl chloride

Vinyl chloride applications:

Vinyl chloride (VCM), is an industrial chemical compound, mainly used to produce its polymer: polyvinyl chloride(PVC).

PVC is the third high consumption thermoplastic polymer (after polyethylene and polypropylene).
Rigid PVC, mainly used in building materials
Flexible PVC, used in fabric, impregnated paper, floor coverings or electrical wiring (for its insulating properties)
Plasticized PVC, used as adhesive film or stretch film for packaging.

The PVC world production is estimated to 40 million tons per year (constantly growing).

VCM and PVC manufacturing process:

vcm manufacturing scheme guichon valves

VCM manufacturing scheme

PVC is produced through vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) polymerization. The main polymerization processes include suspension, emulsion and mass polymerization. Suspension polymerization is used by approximately 80% of the production. First, VCM is put under pressure and liquefied, then introduced into the polymerization reactor, which preliminarily contains water and suspension agents. Subsequently, the ignitor is introduced into the reactor and PVC is produced under few bars to 40 – 60°C. Water is used to remove and control the heat generated by the polymerization process. PVC forms tiny particles which grow and when they reach the required size, reaction is stopped and all the vinyl chloride which has not reacted is removed by distillation and reused. PVC is separated and dried to form a white powder, also known as PVC resin (see diagram). Emulsion polymerization produces smallest particles required in certain applications

pvc manufacturing scheme guichon valves

PVC manufacturing scheme

pvc reactor

Recommended valves:

Guichon Valves offers valves specially adapted to viscous liquids and designed to minimize pressure losses and dead spots. Sealing materials (packing, gaskets, etc.…) are selected not to pollute the circulating fluid.

Valves for VCM application :

12Cracking effluent isolation & fractionator isolation: Slide gate valve w. fixed seats, type 205

2Fractionator isolation: Double Disc Throught Conduit Gate Valve (DDTCGV), type 209

3Tank cleaning and rinsing: Spray and rinse valve, metal seated, type 601, Tank bottom valve, rising disc, type 602

vcm application valves guichon

Valves for PVC application :

1 Injection valve: Metal seated piston (ram) valve, type 606

23Dome extension cleaning valve & walls cleaning valve: Spray and rinse valve, metal seated, type 601

4Killer valve: Metal seated piston (ram) valve, type 606

5Robinet fond de cuve : Radial soft sealed piston (ram) valve, type 605

pvc application valves guichon