Extract of Basics of industrial valves – Technologies – 1/8

In order to adapt to each industrial process, different technologies can be found on the market. Today, industrial valve manufacturers offer a complete range of technologies for a solution that is tailored to the process.  Among these technologies, eight large families can be identified. The first family is :

1. Gate valves
Extract of the Basics of industrial valves – material used in our training program.

Gate valves are made up of a gate or disc that moves in translation, perpendicular to the fluid path and parallel to the seats.  Gate valves are all or nothing devices : ON-OFF valves.

drawing of one gate valve designed by guichon for the basics of industrial valves
Guichon proposes 2 types of gate :

Wedge Gate valve Parallel seated Gate valve

The function of blocking fluid flow is assured by a one piece flexible gate or 2 discs with a ball and socket connection.  The discs press up against the two seats with an oblique carriage.

Spring loaded, parallel discs can equally assure the function of blocking fluid flow by being pressed against parallel seats.  This type of carriage is recommended for applications involving thermal cycling, high temperatures and high pressures. When opened, the discs move perpendicularly to the fluid pathway and lodge in the body to allow the fluid to pass.
gate valve with oblique seats gate valve with parallel seats guichon