Executive Committee

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The shared governance

Guichon is now managed by six co-leaders: Annie Sega, Elodie Noble, Guillaume Pasquier, Maud Cudraz, Patrice Defrance and Romain Favre. Innovative in the private industrial sector, this shared governance organization transmitted by Thierry Perrier, former CEO of the company, and favorably received by the Valco group, constitutes a response to the world complexity, our markets uncertainty and to the reactivity requirements linked to our activity. It encourages autonomy and responsibility of each employee, whatever the position or hierarchic level is. It also fosters the economic peace we aspire to, through our relation to power and the others.

A steering committee was formed in mid-2009 with the mission of directing the company and driving continuous improvement by implementing fundamental changes linked to several departments across Guichon.

Committee members:

Patrice DeFrance: Head of Finance and Operations

Thierry Perrier: Chairman and Managing Director

Elodie Noble: Director of Quality and Logistics

Thierry Fournier: Director of R&D