EDF trusts Guichon

The request of the Flamanville’s nuclar power plant engineering department was complex : develop a valve capable of selecting one medium among several sampling circuits for analysis.

3 critical factors had to be taken into account :
1/ the multiposition selector had to be composed of several inlets and one outlet and operated with a manual hand wheel. Furthermore, it had to contain a function which could isolate each line if necessary.
2/in order to avoid the possibility of a cross contamination between the lines, resulting in false analysis, the dead zones had to be minimized.
3/the selector had to be operated through an armored partition, it had to be compact

valve selector drawing nuclearGuichon then designed a selector in Stainless steel Z2CN18.10, containing a ball valve equiped with an opening connecting the inlet circuits of choice according to the RCCM code.
The valve inlet is perpendicular to the selector axis. The outlet is parallel to the axis of operation. The selector is installed in a metallic cabinet protected from radiation and equipped with a 100 mm thick armored door.
Its compact size is 413mmx220mm.

The valve is operated through the armored door with aid of  extended, fully sealed hand wheel. The hand wheel is equipped with a manual switch allowing the selection of the line to be analysed.

Installed on a secondary circuit of the EDF nuclear power plant, this special Guichon ball valve allows the selection of one of 12 sampling circuits DN6 PN16 (demineralized water at 10bar/50°C).

Benefiting from the EDF Qualinat certification, Guichon Valves is qualifed to supply the majority of valve technologies destined for nuclear conforming to the code RCCM.
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EDF multiposition selector