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May 2017

ISO 15848 : Guichon qualifies its valves for fugitive emissions

With tougher environmental regulations targeted to measure VOC atmospheric emissions in the industrial sector, and the observation that industrial valves are considered as the main source of fugitive emissions, measures must be taken by valve manufacturers.
Guichon, in the interest of both performance and environmental protection, has decided to qualify their valves so that they can offer highly leak-proof process/atmosphere products to their customers.

Know more about the fugitive emissions qualification of Guichon

Learn with Guichon !

An actuator is a device that allows the operation of a valve (open/close/set). All valves function under the operating conditions proper to a process.

The sizing of an actuator must primarily take into account the forces required to:
• Ensure the sealing contact pressure for tight shut-off of the valve
• Overcome frictional forces of the gland packing
• Overcome the pressure difference between upstream and downstream of the valve (ΔP)

There are different actuation system : manual, pneumatic, hydraulic or electric.

Know more about manual actuation


You need to :
• limit shutdowns by training your maintenance staff
• improve the capability of buyers to make more cost effective choice for new projects
• limit investments by enabling your R&D to broaden their experience of “design to cost”

Guichon provides specific training targeted to your field of application that can take place directly at your facility or on site at Guichon in Chambery.

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Project managers

To face the evolution of the market and the growing complexity of business, Guichon modifies its organisation and integrates two project managers in the logistics department.

Linda and Fabien join the Guichon team in order to assure customer’s requirements and satisfaction.


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Events & meetings

From May 6 to 9, 2017 Iran Oil
Guichon Valves will be exhibiting to the Iran Oil Show 2017 in Tehran (Iran). Come and meet us : Hall 44B – Stand 1307

From June 27 to 30, 2017 – MIOGE (Russie)
Valco Group, with the brands Guichon, Malbranque and SNRI, will be present to the MIOGE Exhibition (Moscou International Oil & Gas Exhibition) in Moscow (Russia). Meet us : Pavillon 3 – Hall 14


Recent articles on the website

       New area sales manager based in Azerbaijan
Oleksiy joins Valco Group on following countries : Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan.

Based in Bakou, he represents the Valco Group brands : Guichon, Malbranque and SNRI, designer and manufacturer of industrial valves.

Contact :
Phone :+33 (0)7 52 67 16 21 or +994 (0)5 16 11 21 64

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  FCCU Special Valves
Created in 1942 by a French engineer (Mr Eugène HOUDRY), the FCC process still the heart of each refinery in the world. This catalytic process contributes to the bigest volume of gasoline but it is probably the most critical and complex process in a refinery. Maintenance operations cost a fortune, and this is mainly due to the installed valves…

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Corporate Responsibility

Why get involved in CSR?

At Guichon Valves, we consider CSR to be a tool for achieving excellence. It improves our relationship with all parties associated with the company, winning their loyalty as well as allows us to be pioneers in this domain. The quality of life at work for our collaborators and our impact on our environment are questions in which our society has been involved in an exemplary manner  in our strategy.
We are convinced that these projects enable the company to optimise productivity as well as develop a state of well being within the company.

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Piston valve for mining application

Big piston valves, Stainless Steel 316, CL600, Mining application, Abrasive fluid







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