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July 2018

Guichon Valves : integrated solutions for PVC manufacturing

The PVC worldwide demand is still increasing strongly. It can be used in many applications! PVC is today present in most of the packaging, helmets, coatings, floor coverings…etc.
The world competition is stiff and manufacturers are always looking for technical solutions to lower their costs and increase reliability of the processes.
PVC is produced by VCM polymerization (Vinyl Chloride Monomer – monomer de chlorure de vinyle).
Nowadays, 80% of the PVC production is obtained through a suspension polymerization process. This process, which is today the most widespread due to its reliability and performance, is also the most technically constraining.

Guichon offer an integrated solution of custom-made valves to increase the process performance

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Certain processes require that the fluid be at constant temperature throughout the entire plant. Valve equipment is a thermal bridge that can significantly influence the fluid temperature. Today, several technologies exist to maintain the fluid at a specific temperature and each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

On the other hand, all of the heating or cooling technologies have one common objective: keep the optimum fluid temperature during the entire process to guarantee efficient flow (the right fluid viscosity).

  • Custom made metal jackets
  • Tracing
  • Flexible insulation jacket

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New visual identity for Valco Group

VALCO Group and its brands D2FC, Guichon Valves, Malbranque, SNRI & VVS, make its graphic charter evolve and adopts a new logo as a clear expression of its ambitions.

A new logo which is reflecting the ambition and strength of the company, proud to design and manufacture resistant high range products, in a wide range of industrial valves as a result of the synergies and experience of each group entity.

The chosen colors and typography combined technological seriousness and professionalism of the products range, in the permanent quest for innovative support solutions.



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       Agent Seminar
At the beginning of June, Guichon Valves welcomed on its Savoyard site the 3rd VALCO group agent seminary! Some technical trainings on Guichon, SNRI- Malbranque brands, business meetings and exchanges with the teams were held, resulting in nice convivial moments! 

        Steam cracker – Take it to the top !
Ethylene is one of the simplest of all the olefins and present everywhere around us. It is used as base product for several applications: Plastics, paints, solvents, packaging, cosmetics… The worldwide ethylene demand is now over 140 million tons per year and is still growing by 4-5% every year!

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       New data sheet available !

To formalize Guichon’s position in the petrochemical market, 3 new data sheets are now available : valves type 205, 206 and 209.
You can consult it on the website.



Corporate Social Responsibility

Practice of mindfulness at Guichon Valves :

Since 2016, Guichon Valves initiated some Mindfulness practical sessions in its premises, during the working time.

What is the Mindfulness? Simply a training to live in the present and why is it important ? Because the past does not exist anymore, the future has not happened yet and our single space of action and freedom is in the present. Stress and unease come from our difficulty to be here and now and our well-being comes back and reveals as soon as we achieve this!

In concrete terms, a session is proposed every day, 15 minutes during the working time. It allows employees and other stakeholders as well to have a regular practice.

Since the beginning , Guichon provided 194 sessions to 90 different persons.

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Piston valve

Tailored piston valves : 4’’, CL 2500lbs, equipped with a double Guichon pneumatic actuator. The total length is around 4 meters (13ft) Design conditions : bio-based liquid polymers / 220 barg@240°C (3190 PSI @ 430°F)






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