Customer satisfaction survey

Since 2007, Guichon has made a point to take into consideration the axes of improvement proposed by the whole of its customers thanks to the diffusion and analysis of customer satisfaction surveys.
Numerous remarks have been integrated into our approach to continued improvement and certain ones have given rise to the creation of continuous improvement plans.

customer satisfaction survey guichon delivery time 84% of people having responded to the survey feel that lead-times are respected

Guichon doesn’t stop with these figures and has, in 2014, launched various improvement actions:
– Improvement of our organisation thanks to a 3 years, Lean Manufacturing program
– Increase of production means: by hiring personnel and investing in production materials

>Our service rate for the year is at 95%

customer satisfaction survey performance of guichon valves 95% of people who responded to the satisfaction survey estime our products to be performant
customer satisfaction survey ergonomics of guichon valve 98% of people having responded to the satisfaction survey estime our products to be ergonomic

Guichon responds to complex, specific market needs
– Combining experience and mastery of fluid mechanic techniques, our engineering team is able to offer, in addition to classically designed valves, innovative solutions to resolve the most diverse and complex valve problems, with a personalised approach, regardless of the technology considered (3D design software, FEA calculation software, fluid mechanic and thermodynamic simulation software).
– Born of specific requests from our customers or other valve manufacturers, our design office proposes three types of services: Design, Advisement and Trainin


customer satisfaction survey reliability and life of guichon valves 98% of people having responded to the customer satisfaction survey esteem our products reliable and long-lasting

– Our valves are designed to last 20 years in function of the application. We have the capability to repair, provide on-site service and supply spare parts over the entire lifespan of the material.
– This approach supports the life cycle of the valve in accordance with our social commitment.