Corporate News


2015 – 01 – Qualinat qualification confirmed by EDF
In September this year, EDF extended its confidence in Guichon and confirmed our EDF UTO qualification in “Matériels de robinetterie – Etudes et Fabrication – Pièces de rechange – Réparation en usine”(Valve materials – Design and Manufacturing – Spare parts – Repairs). Read more
2014 – 12 – Customer satisfaction survey
Since 2007, Guichon has made a point to take into consideration the axes of improvement proposed by the whole of its customers thanks to the diffusion and analysis of customer satisfaction surveys. Read more
2014 – 12 – Eco design
Guichon has launched a large scale project with the objective of re-examining the design of a gate valve taking into account its impact on the environment and to improve its original environmental profile by 60%. Read more
2014 – 09 – Re inforcement for our QSE team
Nassera has joined us at the quality department. Read more
2014 – 08 – Logo : not a simple relooking
Guichon is involved this year  in a Lean process, for the sake of clarity and sobriety, the company logo has been simplified … Read more
2014 – 03 – Re inforcement for our Sales team
Eric has joined us in the sales department as sales manager for french area . Read more

2014 – 01 – NEW : industrial valve training at Guichon
Are you able to make the right choice of valve?
Do you understand the importance of the materials used?
Do you know why a particular construction is it best suited? Read more