Company organisation

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This CSR policy, driven above all by the managers conviction, also results from a collective work on vocation and ambitions; some values translated by the teams and which guide us in our daily life.
In parallel, some fundamental principles supported the company fulfillment, such as: company employees win-win, profit sharing, collective intelligence and collaborative management, co-construction of the yearly performance objectives.

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Piloting with sense

In a connected, complex and chaotic world full of technological, environmental, economic, societal challenges, the « for what purpose » question takes more and more place, especially for the new generations.
Thus, we highlighted our intentions, our targets with more awareness and we clearly express our wish to create together a collective functioning based on respect, goodwill, commitment and confidence.

The reference is that of ISO 9001 version 2008.  As of 2004, all ISO indicators have been replaced by governing indicators in such a way as to have a practical and unique application of this standard.

The indicators chosen apply to processes and their pertinence is put into question regularly so that they best reflect the measure of objectives to be met.  These indicators can be found in the mission statements of all employees.

They are evaluated annually through annual reviews.  The goal of these reviews, aside from the basic evaluation aspect, is to create a forum to explore grounds for improvement.

An “Employment and Expertise” plan has been put into place in the fall of 2010 to allow going even further with employees in the analysis of the technical competencies applicable to their trade.  Of equal importance are the competencies related to comportment (15 in all) that tie in the company values.  This “Employment and Expertise” system of evaluation creates an opportunity to define solutions together (e.g. training, internal evaluation…) for broadening the expertise of each employee and motivating each employee towards the ambitions and values of the company.