Company direction

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What about happiness ?

The happiness issue in the organization appeared as the representation and ultimate goal we wished to achieve. Rather than loading the company with an Additional Social Responsibility, this theme of happiness may sum up our aspirations and also raises the key question of motivation at work: how each employee can – professionally and personally – grow and develop within the organization, in order to release the power and bring her/his talents to the company to also expand outside.
Guichon, within the Valco group, is thus proud to be one of the first French industrial companies to implement the Gross National Happiness baseline in the private sector.
In our vision, well-being at work and economic performance far from opposing, nourish each other.


In 2008 we introduced a culture of systematic evaluation.

The company indicators are those of our reference frame ISO v. 2008.  Three to ten indicators exist per process, which provide the measure of our progress in regards to objectives or continuous improvement plans.  Certain indicators such as the value of our quotes, the cycle time for each process or the “book to bill sliding 6 months” will allow us to better anticipate variations in activity.