Bees will dance the “valve”

The new  Guichon Valves’ collaborators will settle down very soon on the green roof of "Le Margériaz high school"!

guichon partner of an high school environmentThe company continues its environmental commitment by sponsoring 3 hives on the roof of the eco-responsible high school which is located in Chambery – France. The high school develops an apiary of companies to support bees and to develop the pollination in urban areas.

 guichon sponsor 3 hives located on a high school environmental commitmentIn partnership with the beekeeper Pollinium, a real collaboration settles down on environmental as well as educational levels: the project of the high school called "Margé' Miel" allows the pupils to carry out concrete actions in connection with the courses such as the manufacturing of gingerbread (with VOCATIONAL TRAINING QUALIFICATION in catering), the sale of jars of honey and honey sweets (with VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMAS in selling and in relationship to customers).

The pupils, the families and the team of  "Le Margériaz high school" congratulate the commitment of Guichon Valves and everybody is happy about this new collaboration which is going to create the buzzzzzzzz

environmental commitment Guichon bees protection