Basics of industrial valves – Introduction

In view of the importance of having basic knowledge about industrial valves on the part of stakeholders in the valve industry, the technical and commercial team of Guichon Valves compiled a series of instructive catalogues by addressing major technical concepts existing in the valve industry such as :

  • functions of industrial valves, technologies and leakage prevention of process valves (globe valves, gate valves, piston valves, ball and plug valves, slide gate valves, non-return check valves, safety valves),
  • tightness systems of valves, valve actuation (pneumatic actuation, manual actuation, hydraulic actuation, electric actuators)
  • industrial valves connections, heating and cooling options etc…

In addition to the catalogues, Guichon also offers a wide range of on-site training programs. Learn more !

Here is a preview of one of the catalogues already prepared :

Preview of the paragraph "injection" from the part 1 of our documentation about the basics of industrial valves