Advantages of having an interchangeable seat

In order to reduce time and expenses associated with maintenance, Guichon offers valves with removable seats.

This option is mainly suitable  for tank bottom valves and piston valves.

The principle :
The Body and the valve seat are separated parts.
The sealing between the body and the seat is usually ensured with a gasket (flat or spiral wound type).
Designed to perfectly meet the service conditions of the valve (temperature, pressure, …), it can be made in all types of materials (see Fig 1 below)   :


Fig1 – Interchangeable seat

The advantage:

When operating conditions are severe (abrasive fluid, viscous fluid, sticky, …), a periodic assessment of the state of the sealing surface of the seat is required, the control is made ​​easier with a removable seat.
If the repair of the sealing surface is required, the complete disassembly of the valve is useless (except for the 602 type).By simply disconnecting the flange, access to the removable seat is immediate and the sealing surfaces can be fixed.

interchangeable seat guichon

Guichon’s intergeable seat = reducing production downtime + financial gain in terms of maintenance and production.

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