technical expertise

A technical leading expertise

Over the years, Guichon has developed a sharp and unique technical competence.Over the years, Guichon has developed a sharp and unique technical competence. Therefore, we are able to model the behavior of mono or multiphase fluid, simulate and check the material resistance to pressure and stress induced by the equipment (piping, …) or even find the best solutions to reduce erosion related to the fluid speed and/or composition. We also have a more than 40 000 drawings work basis.

Expertise and Know-How

“Experience combined with a technical expertise in fluid mechanics, in addition to conventional valve design, our R&D offers innovative solutions to the most diverse and complex valve problems through a personalised approach, regardless of the technology.

3D Finish element analysis (FEA) Fluid mechanics simulation Thermal simulation

Among our recently completed, notable products are:

  • “Double block and bleed” valve with parallel seats for large diameter Decoking applications in the petrochemical industry. (Label of Innovation “Oséo ANVAR”-2004)
  • Isolation condenser valve for a nuclear submarine application.
  • “Rigid” slide gate safety valve with less than 0.1mm deformation of sealing surfaces during service
  • Piloted safety valve “anti-water hammer” for a line of unloading ammoniac at -32°C
  • High pressure check valves with a low pressure drop.
  • 4-way piston valve for fluid with high particle content (+20% abrasive particles).
  • Multi-port selector sampling valve (12-way) on a primary circuit for nuclear application.
  • High temperature ball valve (700°C) for abrasive powder.
  • Ultra Compact double gate valve (2 valves in the space of 1).

The expertise of the team (over 80 years of accumulated valve experience) is complemented with the use of high-performance computer tools for design: 3D CAD software, finite element analysis software and fluid mechanic and thermal simulation/ calculation software.”

Romain FAVRE

Design office Director