A solid experience

A solid experience

Guichon is one of the world’s leaders in the field of special valves. The company has developed on the custom-made product market – The « sheep with 5 legs » and now exports more than 85 % of its production on the 5 continents. Nice opening for this SME created in 1921 which was intended to local production, such as valves for the Aix-les-Bains thermal baths.

90 Years of industrial Excellence

1921 : Francis Guichon establishes “Mécanique et Manufacture de Cuivre et Bronze” in Savoy, France. A few years later, the company supplies the valves for the hot springs spa in the town of Aix-les-Bains.

1933 : The company povides all the valves of the thermal installation of Aix Les Bains (France)

1952 : Diversification towards the Chemical Industry, using fabricated technology

1956 : Guichon moves to a larger plant in Aix-les-Bains

1974 : Manufacturing of the famouse 501 Gate valve for Gachot

1991 : ISO 9001 Certification

1992 : After 15 years of belonging to the subsidiary Gachot/Tyco, Guichon recovers its independence under the name “Guichon International”

2002 : Take over and funding of the company by Guichon Valves

2004 : Development of the TLV3 valve, for which Guichon received the label BPI-Anvar for innovation

2005 : Implementation of a fully integrated ERP system

2006 : Start of the engineering activities – First fluid flow studies

2007: Relocation to new site (10 800 square feet) in Chambery, Savoy, France

2008 : ISO 14001 Certification, Guichon now assures complete tracability of all its products and component (human, material, machine)

2009 : A Steering Commitee (CODIR) is formed to drive continuous improvement, to define the values and the ambitions of The Company

2010: Guichon wins the “Trophée de Savoie” in the category of Economy and is recognized as the regional “Company of the Year”

2011: Launching of new website – major investment of production tools (5-axis Center, three CNC work stations, …) – Purchasing of a CFD software to handle bi-phasic fluidsagents worlwide network guichon-valves_2012_anniversary 90

2012: Guichon celebrates 90 years of business with its sales agents (30 nationalities)

2013: Intergration of R.S.E (Corporate Social Responsability) in the governance of the company – Obtention of ISO 26000 certification.

2014: Launch of Lean managment program – Doubling of production capacity (digital lathes)

2015: Certification OHSAS 18001 – Control multiways valves piloted by hydraulic actutors for PTA – DN250x150x150 PN250 :

Control multiways valves piloted by hydraulic actutors DN250x150x150 PN250

2015 : Guichon joins the Valco Group (Malbranque, SNRI, VVS)

2016 : Industrial building & Offices extension and investment of the industrial tool up to one million Euros.

2018: Seminary of the Valco group (Guichon, Malbranque and SNRI) international sales network agents.