A well managed emergency

How Guichon Valves comes to the rescue of a Japanese customer!

It is the story of a plant shut down at an industrial site on the other side of the world (Japan). A line of production stopped by a damaged part and Guichon Valves who, in the interest of helping its Japanese customer, has no other solution than to manufacture the part and send someone to Tokyo for extreme emergency delivery.

It is the story of the die Master II (International marketing manager) from the University of Savoy (France), who seeks to fund her education seminar in Morocco.

What is the connection between these events, might you ask? Quite simply, the relationship between Guichon and the University of Savoy!

This is how Elodie Lesourd (student pf Master II) came to experience an out of ordinary adventure and bring her fellow classmates a long-awaited funding!

The piece of one meter in diameter, manufactured by Guichon in 48 hours, was entrusted to Elodie Lesourd one Friday evening for flight in direction Tokyo. The student therein delivered the part to our Japanese partner who installed it on the production line on Sunday. The plant was able to resume its activities first thing Monday. As for Elodie, she had the opportunity to enjoy a week-end in the Japanese megalopolis. As for Guichon valves, we were congratulated for their reactivity and the quality of the customer service provided. A completely successful operation!

Afterwards, students from the University of Savoy had the opportunity to visit Guichon Valves and receive an additional donation for the funding of the seminar by Managing Director Thierry Perrier.