A training coordinator at Guichon

Since September, Guichon has incorporated a “training coordinator”. Her mission: being closer to our customers and reach a maximum satisfaction level.
Jennifer tells us a bit more about her job:

« My name is Jennifer, I am in charge of customers’ trainings at Guichon Valves since September 2017.

My missions are mainly focused around 2 poles:

  • the promotion of our Industrial valves’ training offer among the industry professionals
  • the organization of training sessions for our customers

As training “referent”, I am the privileged contact for our clients to best accompany them on their technical training’s needs. I am also coordinating the preparation of the sessions linked with our internal collaborators and I make sure they unfold the best way, as our trainees can testify:

“What a pleasure having dealt with experts, I started with the basic training then, 3 months later, the mastering one which made me really progress!” (H. François, Lyon)