A GERME group at Guichon

Last September 19, Guichon Valves received a GERME group (Groupes d’Entraînement et de Réflexion au Management des Entreprises = training and reflection group for companies’ management), composed of “La Boite à Outils” group Managers, for a training to CSR.

The purpose of the day was to share some good managerial practices and to explain CSR application at Guichon. They were also offered an initiation to mindfulness.

Germe group at Guichon

GERME, what is it exactly?

“GERME, association under the law of 1901 founded in 1998 is the progress network of the managers aiming at combining economic performance and human progress.

GERME, means Groupes d’Entraînement et de Réflexion au Management des Entreprises = training and reflection group for companies’ management, is a management training organization for managers who share a collective learning and some human focused managerial progress values: respect, openness, trust, humility.

Beyond the training sessions, the GERME association, through its actions and projects aims at being:
– A training and transform’actions network, allowing the managers to evolve toward an innovative and labelled management, to be one step experience forward,

– An associative community guided by humanist values and collective projects,
– A learning laboratory driven by collaborative principles supporting societal transition.”

Source : https://www.germe.com/missions

Guichon’s participation

Today, Guichon is represented since 2013 in a GERME group by our industrial manager, Elodie Noble.

How did you join GERME?
I am at Germe since early 2013, on the proposal of Thierry Perrier (former executive of Guichon Valves), who wanted to allow me to meet some other persons outside Guichon, to « make some network », and also to discover other working methods: simply growing.

Can you tell us more about the group you belong to?

I’m a part of a group in Savoie, consisting of approximately 25 persons coming from various companies: Pilot, Bollhof, La Boite à Outils, Caterpillar, Ugitech … and also various trades: industrial manager, site manage, AFD, HR,…

How often do you meet?
We have 10 sessions per year, 8 dedicated to trainings performed by consultants on 4 topics:

And 2 workshops where we review some themes covered during the year and we visit the company of one of the group members.

What do these sessions bring to you?
For me these days represent:
– A breathing time
– The discovery of new approaches I can use in my daily life
– Some help for problems solving
– Sharing
– Network

For the company, it has allowed for example to make a methods/production benchmark in another company of Chambéry area, to compare and improve the working methods; to use new brainstorming practices; to get known by other companies (Thus, allowing us to sell a training service for CSR deployment)”