A champion joins Valco Group

A champion joins Valco Group (GUICHON – Malbranque – SNRI – VVS) :

Pierre-Antoine Tillard, kayaker of the French Team, integrates the IT service of SNRI in Ruffec (Charente). Welcome to him!
With his partner Edern Le Ruyet, he won the round of the World Cup in Pau (France) two weeks ago.
An impressive record:

  • Single-seat category:
    … Olympic substitute
    … Vice-champion of France
    … 8th of the European tournament
    … 6th of the temporary world ranking
  • Two-seats category:
    … Winners of the World cups of the Seu d’Urgell (Spain) and Pau (France)
    … 4th of the French championship.

We wish him every success for the next competitions. Good luck Pierre-Antoine!

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